Parasnath Temple in Bihar is one of the very popular Jain temples in India. It is not too old and the name of the temple, Parasnath temple, has been kept after Parsvanath, the 23rd Tirthankara of Jains who achieved Nirvana here.

The Parasnath temple of Bihar is located at the top of the highest hill in the Giridh district which is also known as Parasnath hills. The height of the hill on which Parasnath Temple of Bihar stands is about 4480 feet. The temple is just 90 kilometers away from Hazaribagh. You can take any local transport from Hazaribagh such as bus or taxi to reach Parasnath Temple.

Parasnath temple at Bihar perfectly reflects the teachings of Jain saints or munis through its simple architecture. The temple is built completely of marble and its walls bears some writings from Jain teachings. Though the Parasnath Temple of Bihar is not too old but the idol that is kept in the main temple is very old.

Every year thousands of Jain pilgrims visit this place and on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, the Parasnath temple seems to be a crowded fair. Apart from Parasnath temple, there are many more Jain temples belonging to Digambers and Svetambers, which too attract lots of tourists every year.




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