Should You Get Dental Implants – What are the Dos and Don’t

Dental implants are made from titanium and secured to your natural jawbone to hold false teeth in place. There are many reasons why you would choose to get dental implants. There are also reasons why people decide to get partial dentures, bridges, and full dentures rather than the dental implants.

Dental implants specialist has to evaluate your mouth to determine whether or not you qualify for these titanium pieces. The dental implants specialist will take x-rays of your mouth to try and calculate the amount of jaw bone you have for the implant. They also need to determine if the jawbone is healthy enough for the procedure.

The implanted titanium pieces must be in the correct position, and they will need to be in to hold the tooth in place. During the healing process the titanium and the human jawbone fuse together and become one. This fusion creates a permanent position for the titanium piece, so the tooth never moves.

The real drawback is most patients have to allow their mouth to heal, and the fusion to take place before their dentist loads their new tooth onto the implant. This period could be as long as twelve weeks. The benefits usually far outweigh the drawbacks of the time you have to wait.

When you see the dental implants specialist, they will explain all of the options you have open to you. They are not going to try and just sell you the implantation. They will tell you whether partial plates could be made to fill in the spots where you do not have teeth, or if a bridge could be created to fill in an empty spot. Ask the dentist what the drawbacks of each device are and what the benefits of each device will be.

Most dentists will have to tell you that partial plates and bridges are held in place by hooking a wire around one of your natural teeth and connecting that wire to the device. Over a period the wire that is around your natural teeth will begin to cut the enamel away and form a crack in the tooth. Just like a cable eventually, will cut into a tree trunk that it has been wrapped around. It could cause tooth pain, and it could cause you to have to lose that tooth in the future.

The greatest benefit to the partial dentures and bridges is the fact that they cost less to get. They also do not last as long as the titanium implants do. You have to weigh the good against the bad to decide on these devices.

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